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Windows 365: Can you install Windows 11 on a Cloud PC?

August 6, 2021

Via: ZDnet

I’ve been testing Microsoft’s new Windows 365 service all week. The most remarkable thing about this new Cloud PC is how much it feels like a thoroughly modern Windows 10 device. And given that it’s running on brand-new, squeaky-clean hardware in Microsoft’s data centers, it ought to be capable of running the Windows 11 preview. Right?

Think again.

Microsoft says it will offer Cloud PCs running Windows 11 when the new OS reaches General Availability later this year. But for now, the only way to try Windows 11 is by installing a preview build. You’re welcome to connect a Cloud PC to the Windows Insider Program and download the latest version, but I predict that installation will fail. The only way to recover is to visit the Windows 365 dashboard and hit the Reset button, which will in turn wipe out all your customizations.

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