iPad Pro 2018 vs. Surface Pro 6: Which tablet is the best laptop replacement

March 7, 2019


In 2015 Apple launched the first iPad Pro, a high-performance version of its iOS tablet aimed at both creatives and mobile workers looking to do more than be entertained on a cross-country flight. It was also a direct shot at rival Microsoft’s Surface Pro that had already showed a tablet could easily be a decent laptop replacement given the right accessories.

While older non-Pro iPads can be used with Bluetooth keyboards and passive styli, the 2018 iPad Pro is designed for use with Apple’s own Smart Keyboard and second-gen Pencil (older iPad Pros and the entry-level 2018 iPad work with the original Pencil), placing it in direct competition with Microsoft’s two-in-ones. And although both tablets might be “Pros” with some feature overlap between them, there are things that could definitely push you one way or the other. Here are five ways to discover which one is right for you.

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