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iPadOS 14 turns Pencil and Siri into more helpful tools, but it needs more widgets

July 15, 2020


Every summer, the routine is the same: Back-to-school shopping looms, and Apple releases a public beta of its next version of iOS. This year, the routine’s been disrupted, but the new iOS beta is still here. iOS 14 on the iPhone and iPadOS 14 in the iPad have a lot in common, but the iPad version of iOS has its own advantages — and omissions.

Would-be iPad shoppers and current iPad owners may consider what an iPad can do for them, and how much better it can become to be their Do It All Device. The iPad’s already remarkably versatile, and my family relies on iPads nonstop. But iPads aren’t the same thing as Macs, and they have their particular limits.

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