image credit: Unsplash

iPhone 13 Pro Max – Apple’s Olympic-size mistake, but you’ll still buy it

July 29, 2021


Let’s do a short rewind before jumping into the iPhone 13 Pro Max chit-chat.

It’s late November 2020; you’ve received your iPhone 12 Pro Max, you set it up and start using it. You see, it’s a big phone! But it’s OK – that’s what you wanted anyway. A week or two later, you start realizing that there’s something else that makes it feel… different.

The weight? Maybe… but not quite. The iPhone 11 Pro Max and even the iPhone XS Max were quite heavy already, and so are Samsung, OnePlus, and Xiaomi flagships. The size – height and width? Perhaps. The iPhone 12 Pro Max is bigger than the iPhone 11 Pro Max in every single way. However, it’s thinner! That sure must make it feel “good in the hand”.

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