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The best 17-inch laptop 2021: top large screen laptops for your money

March 30, 2021


Give the best 17-inch laptops on this list a proper look, even if you are leaning toward something smaller. These laptops may tower over the best 13-inch laptops and the best 15-inch laptops in size, but they also dominate in other things – namely, specs and display.

Smaller laptops may win in size and portability, but they struggle to beat the best 17-inch laptops in power, screen real estate and cooling. Simply, these larger laptops have more than enough room to accommodate more powerful specs, a better cooling solution, and a larger display. That means that they deliver faster performance, a much better thermal efficiency, and more screen real estate, which makes them excellent for demanding tasks such as 3D design, video editing, and gaming.

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