image credit: Tinh tế Photo / Flickr

The world’s first 5G tablet is officially official and launching tomorrow

January 29, 2020


The world’s largest smartphone vendor has unsurprisingly emerged as the early leader of the fledgling 5G handset market, at least according to certain research firms, so it shouldn’t come as a shock that Samsung is also looking to lay the groundwork for the cellular-enabled tablets of tomorrow.

Rumored to be happening for a good few months now, officially teased just a few weeks ago, and leaked pretty much in full shortly after that, the world’s first 5G tablet is formally unveiled at long last and scheduled for a commercial debut tomorrow, January 30. As the name suggests, the Galaxy Tab S6 5G is not an entirely new product, and as speculated since October, the high-speed slate will initially be made available exclusively in Samsung’s homeland.

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