image: Xiaomi

Xiaomi’s new all-screen phone doesn’t clone the iPhone X notch… only its dual camera

March 27, 2018

You can’t talk about all-screen phones and not remember that Xiaomi came out with the world’s first such device in late October 2016, at a time when the early iPhone X rumors started to emerge. That was a limited edition phone, but the famous Chinese smartphone maker kept developing the brand. That’s how we got to the Mi Mix 2, and now to the Mi Mix 2S, which was unveiled a few hours ago in China.

Unlike many 2018 all-screen Android phones coming from China, this isn’t an iPhone X clone. It doesn’t have a top notch. Instead, it’s signature bottom chin is still there, and includes the selfie camera. The rear camera on the back, on the other hand, is an iPhone X camera clone.

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