image credit: Pixabay

You won’t get these iOS 15 features if you have iPhones 7 to 11

July 12, 2021


When Apple introduced iOS 15, and subsequently released a public beta, it touted plenty of new features as the reason to update from whatever your current iPhone is running. Chief among those are a Safari browser redesign, Notification Summary and Focus, portrait mode FaceTime-ing, Health, Maps and Wallet apps getting trendy new features, and a whole lot more.

What is more, Apple announced that the unwavering support for older iPhones is here to stay, as the list of handsets that will get some or all of the new iOS 15 goodies starts from the lowly iPhone 6s which was announced way back, and people obviously still bandy about. Which iPhones will get some and which all of the new iOS 15 features, though?

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