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Windows 10 Your Phone app could get a nifty feature for swapping files between PC and phone

January 21, 2020

Via: Tech Radar

Microsoft has been beefing up Your Phone with new features on a regular basis, and a further fresh piece of functionality is apparently incoming – namely the ability to easily transfer content from your Android phone to PC (or vice […]

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Brand new leak seems to confirm the Galaxy S11’s biggest change

January 9, 2020

Via: BGR

The next Galaxy S phone is easily one of the most anticipated high-end Android handsets of the first half of the year, and Samsung has already sent out invites for the reveal event. The Galaxy S11, however, has appeared in […]

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Leak shows that the cheaper new Pixel 4a looks so much better than Google’s flagship Pixel 4

December 30, 2019

Via: BGR

The Pixel 4 may be the best Android phone of the year, at least for those users looking for Google’s unadulterated version of Android 10, but it’s hardly the perfect iPhone rival out there. The design is by far the […]

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Android security checkup: 16 steps to a safer phone

December 10, 2019

Via: ComputerWorld

Android security is always a hot topic on these here Nets of Inter — and almost always for the wrong reason. As we’ve discussed ad nauseam over the years, most of the missives you read about this-or-that super-scary malware/virus/brain-eating-boogie-monster are […]

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A serious Google Assistant bug could stop your phone powering down for hours

October 16, 2019

Via: Tech Radar

Some Android phone and tablet users are reporting a bug with Google Assistant, which causes their device’s screen to stay powered on indefinitely after hearing the wake phrase ‘Hey Google’, which could cause a host of problems from battery drain […]

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Motorola One Action goes on pre-order in the US

October 14, 2019

Via: Phone Arena

Revealed back in August, Motorola One Action has finally landed in the United States. Well, technically not yet, but at least people can pre-order one until October 31. Motorola has just announced that its mid-range Android phone, the One Action […]

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This crazy new Android phone is almost entirely screen

September 24, 2019

Via: BGR

Forget the Mate 30 Pro and the Vivo Nex 3 with their hot waterfall displays, because there’s a new smartphone in town that has more screen than any other regular “all-screen” phone available right now. Aside from the large wrap-around […]

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Huawei’s best smartphone ever has a huge problem that eclipses all its amazing new features

September 19, 2019

Via: BGR

Huawei on Thursday held a press conference in Munich, Germany to unveil its third flagship phone of the year — and it’s easily the most compelling one. Part of the Mate 30 series, the Mate 30 Pro is the best […]

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Sorry Samsung, the Google Pixel 3A is 2019’s most important phone

August 19, 2019


As far as non-folding phones go, the Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Plus is the most extravagant of the year (the Galaxy Fold is another level entirely). Announced recently alongside the smaller Note 10, it has a 6.8-inch display, four rear […]

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How to print and scan with Android

August 2, 2019

Via: ComputerWorld

We may live in an increasingly digital world, but sometimes — love it or hate it — good old-fashioned pulp-based paper is still a necessity. No matter what type of work you do, you’re bound to encounter the occasional page […]