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Elon Musk’s promises about self-driving Teslas might have been overblown

August 10, 2017

Via: Mashable

Elon Musk talks a big game about Tesla’s self-driving car plans—but some of those claims might have been a bit overblown. Tesla’s newest cars are being outfitted with a new onboard computer system, according to a report from Electrek. The news […]

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Elon Musk promises smoother new autopilot for Tesla cars

May 22, 2017

Via: Mashable

It’s the middle of the night on a Sunday in the U.S., and of course Elon Musk is on Twitter. This time, the Tesla CEO shared a couple of details regarding the seemingly never-ending rollout of the second version of […]


Tesla’s Latest Autopilot May Avoid Highway Collisions Better Than Humans

January 3, 2017

Via: Geek

Tesla is making a big push into the world of automated vehicles, and the one aspect of the technology that all automated car companies have been working on is collision avoidance. Before automated cars can really make headway into the […]

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Elon Musk: Autopilot was not turned on during recent Model X crash

July 15, 2016

Via: Boy Genius

With eviscerating Tesla’s Autopilot software becoming something of a fad lately, Elon Musk took to Twitter today and shed some light on a recent Model X crash in Pennsylvania. If you recall, a Model X driving along the Pennsylvania Turnpike […]