image credit: Mike Mozart / Flickr

T-Mobile’s fast 5G network coverage plans in 2021 get ‘supercharged’… for 2023

March 12, 2021


Not to be outdone by Verizon’s 5G network expansion announcement, T-Mobile took to the airwaves on the same day to detail its own plans for 5G dominance over the other big two US carriers. It currently boasts the fastest median 5G download speeds and the widest 5G coverage, even though Verizon is able to achieve similar speeds with its newfangled C-band 4G network, and way better coverage overall.

Still, while Verizon and AT&T just shelled out big bucks for spectrum that will allow them to catch up to T-Mobile’s layer cake approach made possible by the merger with Sprint, the Un-carrier has a head start, and aims to keep it.

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