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I like ChatGPT even more after OpenAI’s developer conference

November 7, 2023

Via: BGR

I’ve been following ChatGPT closely for the better part of a year because it’s the nature of my job. Generative AI is a massive tech innovation, and OpenAI has single-handedly changed the tech landscape this year. ChatGPT is all we’ve been talking about in 2023, and the biggest names in tech have had to react to it.

I’ve also been a fan of ChatGPT because it’s so helpful, and I have put the AI chatbot to good use more than once. I’ve described simple things that you can do with the chatbot that are incredibly useful, like using ChatGPT to shop for the best running shoes or training for a half-marathon. That was all possible with the free, most basic version of ChatGPT that isn’t currently connected to the internet.

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