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iPadOS 18: Rumors, features, release date, iPad compatibility, more

May 15, 2024

Via: BGR

iPadOS 18 is Apple’s upcoming operating system for its iPad models. After offering a few design changes and focusing on health with iPadOS 17, Apple might focus on AI applications and other key changes with its next iPadOS update, as it just introduced the powerful M4 iPad Pro.

Here’s everything we know so far about iPadOS 18.

What will Apple call the next iPadOS?

While it’s difficult to predict what Apple might call macOS system versions, it’s pretty straightforward with iPadOS.

If Apple follows the trend, iPadOS 17’s successor will be called iPadOS 18. Internally, Apple calls this next operating system Crystal – but, of course, it doesn’t mean the Cupertino firm will name its iPadOS updates the way it does with macOS.

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