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iPhone 8 vs Samsung Galaxy S8: selfie camera comparison

October 13, 2017

Via: Phone Arena

Whether you’re willing to admit it or not, selfies are an important part of everyday culture. You take one when you see something cool on the street; you snap a couple when you meet a friend you haven’t seen in […]

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World’s top Apple insider says every iPhone will abandon Touch ID next year

October 13, 2017

Via: Boy Genius

If you’ve long been a fan of Touch ID, we’ve got some bad news for you. According to noted Apple insider Ming-Chi Kuo, every new iPhone Apple releases next year will incorporate Face ID and, in the process, relegate Touch […]

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iOS Password Popup Indistinguishable From Phishing Scam

October 12, 2017

Via: Geek

Every iOS user is familiar with the popups that require an Apple ID password before completing a task; muscle memory usually takes over to type the secret code and “sign in.” But, according to mobile developer Felix Krause, iDevice owners […]

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This is what Apple’s Tim Cook is saying about AR

October 11, 2017

Via: Computerworld

From the U.S. to India, the U.K. and Europe, Apple CEO Tim Cook has been touring the planet to share his thoughts around augmented reality (AR) and and Apple’s AR platform, ARKit. Here are some of his thoughts: How important […]

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Still using a Windows 10 version from 2015? You must upgrade now

October 10, 2017

Via: Tech Radar

Come the end of today, Microsoft is dropping support for those folks who are still running Windows 10 version 1511, the first major update for the OS which was released back in November 2015. This means that people still using […]

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BlackBerry makes Samsung devices more secure by bringing new features to SecuSUITE for Samsung Knox

October 10, 2017

Via: CrackBerry

As BlackBerry continues to enhance their software portfolio, they’ve now announced new features to SecuSUITE for Samsung Knox to help keep Samsung devices more secure. Going forward, SecuSUITE for Samsung Knox will support SecuVOICE to make secure phone calls plus, […]

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Windows Phone has been dead for years, but Microsoft finally just admitted it

October 9, 2017

Via: Boy Genius

When Windows Phone was first unveiled back in 2010 as “Windows Phone Series 7,” its ambitions were lofty but its prospects were bleak. Many people covering the mobile market at the time were rooting for Microsoft to succeed, but we […]

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Microsoft Edge on iOS is official and available for testing now, Android version coming soon

October 5, 2017

Via: Phone Arena

If you read yesterday’s rumor that Microsoft will be launching its Edge browser on iOS and Android soon and dismissed it as a pipe dream, we have some bad news for you: it’s now official. In a semi-surprising announcement, Microsoft […]

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Android Oreo release date, compatibility and features

October 3, 2017

Via: Tech Radar

Android Oreo is the official name of the next version of Google’s mega-popular mobile operating system that’s available now for select devices. In terms of feature highlights, Oreo focuses on speed and efficiency. For many phones updated to Android 8.0, […]

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Motorola reveals Android 8.0 Oreo update plans

September 28, 2017

Via: Phone Dog

The list of Android phones that are confirmed to be getting an Oreo update is growing longer today. Motorola has revealed which phones it plans to update to Android 8.0 Oreo. Included are flagships like the Moto Z2 Force Edition […]