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Android 15 puts AI front and center: Circle to Search, Gemini assistant, and on-device AI

May 14, 2024

Via: BGR

Google’s I/O 2024 event is underway in California, and artificial intelligence (AI) is, unsurprisingly, the only topic Google will discuss. But that’s not really a surprise to anyone following Google and the AI landscape closely.

We knew I/O 2024 would showcase Google’s latest AI innovations long before the event kicked off. That’s why OpenAI crashed Google’s party with a mind-blowing ChatGPT upgrade on Monday.

But I/O wouldn’t be complete without Google talking about Android, its most important operating system. And Google is ready to reinvent Android by putting AI front and center. Seriously, Android 15 will bring AI search to the home screen. You’ll also get an improved Circle to Search functionality, and the Gemini assistant is getting new powers.

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