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Google’s Project Fi: What you need to know about the network of networks

November 28, 2017

Via: Tech Radar

Google has its hands in a lot of pots, and depending on which phone you use, you may not have known that the search company has also been operating its very own wireless service since 2015. Google’s Project Fi mobile […]

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2 USB-C adapters worth considering for your Chromebook

October 31, 2017

Via: Computerworld

Heads-up, my mobile productivity compadres: If you’re using a Chromebook for work, there’s a decent chance you’ll need to load up your laptop bag with a few good adapters. Increasingly, Chromebooks today — just like laptops in general — are […]

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Huge security flaw leaves Wi-Fi devices wide open to hackers

October 16, 2017

Via: Mashable

There’s a hole in Wi-Fi security, and it affects the vast majority of Wi-Fi devices and networks. That very likely means your phone, your home wireless network, your wireless network at work — everything. Belgian security researcher Mathy Vanhoef from […]

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Are VPN safe? Not when you’re a cyberstalker

October 9, 2017

Via: Tech Radar

An internet stalker in the US has been tracked down by the FBI thanks to help from the VPN provider PureVPN which assisted the government agency by combing through its logs to reveal the IP address of the suspect. On […]

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Verizon keeps top spot as best performing network

September 1, 2017


The return of unlimited data plans from the nation’s big four wireless carriers hasn’t hurt network performance, according to the latest report from RootMetrics. For the first half of 2017, the testing firm reports that all four major wireless carriers […]

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Why Apple should develop its own 5G iPhone tech

August 31, 2017

Via: Computerworld

Apple’s fight with Qualcomm seems likely to force a search for alternative iPhone modems suppliers. However, with carriers expected to launch 5G networks from around 2020, might Cupertino plan to develop its own 5G technologies for use in future iOS devices?Some […]

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T-Mobile begins rolling out 600MHz LTE coverage

August 17, 2017

Via: Phone Dog

T-Mobile’s 4G LTE network is growing again. T-Mobile today flipped the switch on its first 600MHz LTE cell sites. The sites are now live in Cheyenne, Wyoming, with plans to activate 600MHz LTE coverage in many other parts of the U.S. later in […]

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Alleviating cloud outages in advance, valuable for companies

August 14, 2017

Via: Andy Melman

Cloud outages are a dreadful perspective to contemplate. Many businesses have trusted their data storage, computing operations and communications to public or hybrid cloud service providers. Of course, private cloud (and by this we mean on-premises) can also suffer outages. […]

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Is technology making us tech addicts in denial?

July 22, 2017

Via: James Hughes

It seems like modern society takes for granted that any of its members should own some sort of a device. Not only do we own gadgets, but we have developed very close relationships with them. They function like our external […]

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AT&T 5G Evolution service now live in Indianapolis

July 13, 2017

Via: Phone Dog

After launching its 5G Evolution network in Austin a few months ago, AT&T is now lighting up another city with its improved LTE coverage. AT&T 5G Evolution is now live in parts of Indianapolis, Indiana. This means that AT&T customers that live in Indianapolis and […]