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Once again, rumors call for 2017 iPhone users to shell out cash for wireless charging accessories

August 21, 2017

Via: Phone Arena

Rumors that the tenth anniversary iPhone, currently known as the Apple iPhone 8, will feature wireless charging have been around for some time. Actually, all three rumored 2017 iPhone models could be the first iOS powered handsets to offer this […]

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Steps for speeding up your Wifi

August 18, 2017

Via: NextBigFuture

Popular Science has some advice for speeding up your Wifi. 1. Download firmware from your router manufacturer’s website. Software updates fix bugs and may also include performance upgrades, as well as extra support for newer devices on the market. 2. […]

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Alleviating cloud outages in advance, valuable for companies

August 14, 2017

Via: Andy Melman

Cloud outages are a dreadful perspective to contemplate. Many businesses have trusted their data storage, computing operations and communications to public or hybrid cloud service providers. Of course, private cloud (and by this we mean on-premises) can also suffer outages. […]

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How iPhone 8 could change the wireless charging landscape

August 9, 2017


As we approach the expected September iPhone event, the gadget world is abuzz with questions: Will there be two new iPhones or three? How much will the presumed high-end OLED model cost? Will facial recognition fully replace Touch ID, or merely […]

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Everything you need to know about wireless mesh networks

August 1, 2017

Via: TechHive

You would be forgiven for thinking that wireless mesh networking is just another marketing bullet point for new Wi-Fi routers, a phrase coined to drive up prices without delivering benefits. But we can avoid being cynical for once: mesh technology does deliver […]

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How smart cities like New York City will drive enterprise change

July 31, 2017

Via: Computerworld

Everybody talks about smart cities, but few are doing anything about it. New York City is an exception. It’s in the early stages of an ambitious project to blanket the city with ultrafast Wi-Fi via smart kiosks, which will replace obsolete […]

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China 5G tests hit 19 Gbps and is on track for 2020 deployment

July 12, 2017

Via: NextBigFuture

Phase 2 of China’s National 5G tests were conducted in Huairou in Beijing. ZTE completed tests for continuous wide coverage, eMBB (enhanced mobile broadband) at sub-6Ghz, eMBB at millimeter-wave frequencies, uRLLC (ultra-Reliable and Low Latency Communications), eMTC (massive Machine Type […]

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AT&T conducting 5G tests with millimeter wave tech in Austin

June 28, 2017

Via: Phone Dog

Before launching 5G networks to the public, carriers must first test the technologies to get a feel for how they’ll work in the real world. And that’s precisely what AT&T is doing in Austin. AT&T today said that it’s conducting […]

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Why mobile apps management trumps a traditional BYOD strategy

May 31, 2017

Via: Computerworld

While mobile devices are critical to any modern business strategy, paying for company-owned smartphones or tablets — or mobile device management (MDM) software to keep them all secure — can be a wasteful pursuit. Most employees are happier owning their […]

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Connecting with work from the road? Here’s how to stay safe

May 23, 2017

Via: Computerworld

Every company has workaholics who can’t leave their duties behind when heading out on vacation. They’re kind of worker who, if the hotel doesn’t have Wi-Fi, will rush to the closest coffee shop or eatery to stay connected, check email and […]