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Apple is ready for third-party iPhone app stores, and I can’t wait to avoid them

February 9, 2024

Via: BGR

It’s happening: you will be able to install iPhone apps from sources other than the official App Store. The big caveat? iPhone sideloading, complete with third-party app stores and third-party payments, is only coming to iPhone users in Europe.

Apple already confirmed that it will comply with the Digital Markets Act (DMA) rules, and the company detailed the new rules for developers who want to take advantage of iPhone sideloading.

Those changes are also somewhat controversial, as several big developers have criticized Apple’s way of implementing the DMA-mandated changes. On that note, I still find it incredible that these developers think the iPhone and the App Store are their God-given rights, and that Apple shouldn’t be able to govern and charge for apps the way it pleases.

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