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Apple hires Lamborghini R&D veteran for Apple Car team

July 27, 2022

Via: 9to5Mac

Apple is pushing ahead with its efforts to expand the team working on Apple Car. A new report from Bloomberg today indicates that Apple has hired Luigi Taraborrelli, a 20-year veteran of the Italian car company Lamborghini. This marks a […]

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Tim Cook comments on Elon Musk, and AR/VR and Apple Car

April 5, 2021

Via: Phone Arena

In case you missed it, Apple’s CEO gave a 30-minute interview with Kara Swisher, which is available on all major streaming platforms in the form of a podcast. The majority of the conversation revolved around data privacy and security, but […]

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Apple Car could see three times farther at night by using infrared headlights

March 16, 2021

Via: 9to5Mac

Infrared headlights could allow an Apple Car autonomous driving system to “see” three times farther at night than a human driver. Apple was today granted a patent for the night vision system that combines visible light, near-infrared (NIR), and long-wave […]

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Apple is getting serious about self-driving cars

April 21, 2017

Via: Boy Genius

Though Apple’s plans to develop and manufacture a branded car may currently be on hold, the company’s plans to research and develop self-driving car technologies appears to be moving forward. Just about a week after Apple obtained a permit to […]