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Unbreakable encryption is here to stay, despite the fierce debate surrounding it

August 23, 2018

Via: Michael Boyd

Strong encryption of communications and data, which can both deliver security and privacy for individuals, has been in recent years a subject of public debate. Large-scale adoption of the technology made it difficult for the intelligence and law enforcement communities […]

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The FBI Filed Its Response to Apple’s Resistance to Backdooring the iPhone

March 11, 2016

Via: Motherboard

The US Attorney filed its answer to Apple in the San Bernardino iPhone case on Thursday, claiming that their battle in court is “the direct result of Apple’s deliberate marketing decision to engineer its products so that the government cannot […]

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In Depth: 5 things you need to know about Apple vs the FBI

February 18, 2016

Via: Tech Radar

Apple’s refusal to comply with a court order to provide the FBI with a backdoor into the iPhone has opened a new chapter in the debate of security vs privacy. Throw in a scathing letter by Apple CEO Tim Cook, […]