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AT&T App Blocks Robocalls

December 22, 2016

Via: WSJ mobile

Robocalls are totally out of control. The automated spam calls are so common, it’s hard to find anyone with a cellphone who hasn’t been bugged by this nuisance. That’s why AT&T Inc. launched a new smartphone app Wednesday called Call […]

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They blocked Netflix, but no one’s in a rush to regulate insecure ‘smart devices’

November 23, 2016

Via: Mashable

It seems the banal world of baby monitors and webcams is all it takes to bring down our most popular websites these days. So, what should we do about it? Well, we shouldn’t regulate — at least not yet, according […]


Google might try to block fast charging systems that don’t comply to USB Type C standard

November 10, 2016

Via: Phone Arena

While fast charging on smartphones and tablets is a very welcome feature indeed, it has led to its own specific fragmentation due to the variety of fast charging standards employed, such as Qualcomm Quick Charge, Oppo VOOC, and Media PumpExpress, […]


Wi-Fi Blocking Debate Far From Over

August 31, 2015

Via: Timothy Liedel

Following the FCC’s warning in January that it would no longer tolerate the Marriotts of the world blocking visitors’ WiFi hotspots, I set a reminder on my calendar to revisit the topic six months later. After all, the issue of […]


Adblock’s Android browser blocks annoying adds, beta version now available for download

May 20, 2015

Via: itCurated

Adblock is one the most popular and most useful extensions for Google Chrome and Firefox on the PC, as well as for the Safari browser on Macs, but it looks like the company’s quest against annoying ads will soon expand […]

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How to blacklist and block unwanted text messages in Google Messenger

April 23, 2015

Via: itCurated

Ever felt the need to block certain text messages and preventing them from marring your SMS inbox? Chances are that you’ve searched for this feature at least once.Google is certainly aware of this, as its relatively new messaging app, Messenger, […]