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Apple supplier in India burns through $12M in factory fire that burned half its machinery

February 27, 2023

Via: 9to5Mac

Apple has been investing a lot recently to increase its production capacity in India, although the company still faces many challenges in the country. However, a massive fire at Foxlink’s facilities in India has forced the company, which is one […]

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Samsung to Halt Galaxy Note 7 Production Temporarily

October 10, 2016

Via: WSJ mobile

Samsung Electronics Co. has temporarily halted production of its troubled Galaxy Note 7, according to a person familiar with the matter, the latest setback for the South Korean technology giant as it struggles to manage a recall of 2.5 million […]

Android Phone

Here’s why Samsung Note 7 phones are catching fire

September 15, 2016


After 35 reported incidents of overheating smartphones worldwide, Samsung made the unprecedented decision to recall every single one of the Galaxy Note 7 smartphones sold. That’s said to be 1 million of the 2.5 million that were manufactured. (Since the […]


Microsoft Surface Pro 4 possibly coming in two sizes, 12-inch Amazon Fire also rumored

August 26, 2015

Via: Adrian Diaconescu

Just when we thought Microsoft couldn’t possibly surprise us with anything big at its allegedly jam-packed October press event, the biggest Surface model yet pops up in the news for the first time. That’s biggest if you don’t count the […]