image credit: Unsplash

Got a Google Pixel? Check out these awesome Android 14 gems

November 21, 2023

If you’ve got one of Google’s Pixel phones, good news: You’ve almost certainly got Google’s snazzy-sounding update to Android 14 on your device and waiting — whether you’ve noticed much about it yet or not.

Speaking of which, the slightly less exciting news: Odds are, whenever that update first landed on your device, your initial reaction fell somewhere between a “huuuuh?!” and an “uhh, all riiiiiight….” (There may or may not have been a quizzical expression of some sort involved, too, along with the possibility of a perplexed “harumph.”)

That’s because on the surface, Android 14 really doesn’t look all that new or noteworthy. In fact, if the update were to pop up on your Pixel without warning, there’s a decent chance you wouldn’t even notice anything different at all.

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