image credit: Unsplash

The first Asus phone to get an Android 11 update might come as a surprise

December 29, 2020

Apart from Samsung, it’s safe to say Android device manufacturers (that are not Google) have so far done a pretty terrible job of delivering the latest OS build to their greatest smartphones. For what it’s worth, a number of companies are finally taking some (baby) steps in the right direction, with Asus, for instance, reportedly following Sony’s suit as we speak to kick off its very first stable Android 11 update.

Interestingly, while the 2020-released Xperia 1 II flagship predictably got the ball rolling for Sony a couple of weeks ago, the first Asus handset to receive an official collection of new software treats is actually the ZenFone 6 rather than the ZenFone 7, ZenFone 7 Pro, or ROG Phone 3.

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