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Google Pixel Tablet leaked on Amazon, and it might be just what Android users need

May 8, 2023

Via: BGR

You have plenty of options right now if you’re an Android user looking for a decent Android tablet. Whether it’s a basic Amazon Kindle Fire, an affordable OnePlus Pad high-end tablet, or a Galaxy Tab S flagship from Samsung. But the Pixel Tablet that will be unveiled at I/O 2023 this week might be just what you need. And that’s thanks to an early listing on Amazon Japan that reveals all of the tablet’s secrets.

This isn’t the first time Amazon mistakenly listed an unreleased Pixel product. It happened with the Pixel Watch and Pixel 7, so the Pixel Tablet reveal isn’t a surprise. This time, it’s Amazon Japan (via Reddit and 9to5Google) with the accidental listing that has now been deleted.

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