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Apple beefs up enterprise identity, device management

June 19, 2023

Via: Computerworld

Last week at WWDC, Apple introduced new capabilities related to Managed Apple IDs and to user identity overall. Managed Apple IDs have been around for some time. They handle many of the same tasks as personal Apple IDs, but are […]

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Patch Tuesday: Two zero-day flaws in Windows need immediate attention

December 16, 2022

Via: ComputerWorld

Microsoft’s December Patch Tuesday updated delivers 59 fixes, including two zero-days (CVE-2022-44698 and CVE-2022-44710) that require immediate attention on the Windows platform. This is a network focused update (TCP/IP and RDP) that will require significant testing with an emphasis on […]

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Facebook locked out users who didn’t set up Facebook Protect

March 21, 2022

Via: 9to5Mac

A few weeks ago, many Facebook users received odd, spam-like emails with the title, “Your account requires advanced security from Facebook Protect.” Additionally, the email tells users to turn on the Facebook Protect feature by a certain date, or they’d […]

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Android security checkup: 16 steps to a safer phone

December 10, 2019

Via: ComputerWorld

Android security is always a hot topic on these here Nets of Inter — and almost always for the wrong reason. As we’ve discussed ad nauseam over the years, most of the missives you read about this-or-that super-scary malware/virus/brain-eating-boogie-monster are […]

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Evidence for iPhone 8 face-unlocking mounts, as Apple acquires facial recognition startup

February 20, 2017

Via: Tech Radar

Recently, it’s been speculated that Apple may forgo its Touch ID feature on the upcoming iPhone 8 in favour of facial recognition, and the company’s latest acquisition seems to line up pretty neatly with this. Tel Aviv cybertech startup, Realface, […]

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Facebook just added support for physical security keys and that’s a big plus

January 27, 2017

Via: Mashable

The latest Samsung Galaxy S8 rumors peg the launch date for March 29, and the actual release date in late April. Samsung has officially said it won’t launch the phone at MWC 2017. Here’s the latest, including a newly leaked […]

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LastPass aims to make two-factor authentication less annoying

March 17, 2016

Via: Cult of Android

Two-factor authentication is super secure, but incredibly annoying when you’re in a hurry. LastPass, one of the front-runners in password managers on desktop and mobile, might have the solution with a new mobile app that will simplify the login process […]