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Android, Operating System

12 fast fixes for common Android problems

August 14, 2020

Via: ComputerWorld

Confession time: I know embarrassingly little about car repair, and I couldn’t fix a misbehaving house appliance if my life depended on it (which, on at least a couple occasions, it almost has). Heck, I can barely hang a piece […]

News and Press

Technology as Friend, Foe, or Partner?

June 28, 2017

Via: InformationWeek

We live in an age of fear. Start with the big picture, ISIS, the ideological divide in Washington, and the turbulent economic/business environment. However, fear really centers locally in us as individuals. We internalize everything that happens in the big […]

Networking, Tech

Data: Lifeblood of the Internet of Things

May 24, 2017

Via: InformationWeek

As computing power becomes increasingly distributed into the devices and infrastructure around us, the data generated by those devices will invariably play a larger role in our businesses and everyday lives. Between my role at Seagate in Cupertino and the […]

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Apple Watch 2 Battery Problems Prevent LTE Connectivity

August 22, 2016

Via: InformationWeek

Android Wear smartwatches are primed to break free of their smartphone shackles, but the same is not yet true of the upcoming Apple Watch 2, which is slated for release later this year. Apple’s engineers haven’t been able to solve […]


LinkedIn preps Project Voyager to relaunch desktop, mobile strategies

October 15, 2015

Via: itCurated

Tapping further into its data treasure troves, LinkedIn is revamping its app portfolio from the inside out, spearheaded by a new product dubbed “Project Voyager.” Behind the scenes, the professional social network is honing a multi-app strategy in which LinkedIn […]