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10 must-have security tips for digital nomads

January 19, 2024

Via: Computerworld

I’ve been a digital nomad since 2006. Since then, I’ve spent more time abroad than in the United States, working all the while, no matter where. And I’ve learned a lot about safety, security and privacy in specific locations on […]

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Smartphone Users Still Identifiable Even With Data Anonymity | New Study Explains How You Can Be Tracked

January 26, 2022

Via: Tech Times

Smartphone users can still be identified or tracked even if their data have anonymity. This detail was discovered by a new study titled “Anonymity takes more than protecting personal details.” The latest research about smartphone data security was published in […]

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Can Apple live up to Apple’s privacy ads?

January 22, 2020

Via: The Verge

The thing that convulsed the internet for much of yesterday was this Reuters report that Apple decided against throwing away its keys to users’ encrypted iCloud backups after the FBI complained about encryption. The word “after” does a lot of […]

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Facebook reveals another privacy breach, this time involving developers

November 6, 2019

Via: ZDnet

Facebook has quietly revealed another privacy breach involving approximately 100 developers. On Tuesday, Konstantinos Papamiltiadis, Facebook’s Director of Platform Partnerships said in a blog post that the names and profile pictures of users connected to Groups and the system’s API […]

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7 security tips to stop apps from stealing your data

February 14, 2019


We regularly see news about ways our personal information has been compromised after a data breach — and apps can be part of the problem. Apps have been unmasked as malware, used to commit click fraud or to sell your […]

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Facebook’s latest privacy feature sounds too good to be true

May 2, 2018

Via: Boy Genius

Facebook’s F8 even could not have arrived at a better time for the company, as the Cambridge Analytica scandal is almost forgotten. Mark Zuckerberg announced a bunch of new features for Facebook and all its other products, while mildly addressing […]

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It’s Time CIO’s Get Real About Data Security

June 7, 2017

Via: InformationWeek

Considering how the past few years have gone, it came as no surprise that the first half of 2017 has already been a terrifying ordeal in terms of the state of IT security. The WannaCry ransomware attack dominated headlines around […]