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10 Procreate app tricks to try if you want to learn how to draw on the iPad

July 10, 2020


During coronavirus lockdowns, I (and much of the rest of the world) found myself with a lot more free time to pursue creative projects (and, let’s be real, play The Sims). While looking for new ways to draw on my […]

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Netflix wants to be awesome on phones, with HDR support and mobile-specific video cuts

March 17, 2017

Via: TechHive

Popular video streaming service Netflix went global last year, and for 2017, the company’s putting a focus on high-quality viewing experiences on small screens. During a recent meeting with journalists to tout the release of Iron Fist—the company’s first series […]

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They blocked Netflix, but no one’s in a rush to regulate insecure ‘smart devices’

November 23, 2016

Via: Mashable

It seems the banal world of baby monitors and webcams is all it takes to bring down our most popular websites these days. So, what should we do about it? Well, we shouldn’t regulate — at least not yet, according […]

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Samsung voice assistant based on Viv will launch with Galaxy S8

November 7, 2016

Via: Pocket Now

Samsung confirmed that it will be taking its acquisition of Viv Labs, an artificial intelligence firm founded by one of the creators of Siri, into full use by creating a new voice assistant that will debut with the launch of […]

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Ringing In The eCommerce Christmas Season

November 1, 2016


American consumers have big plans for the holiday season when it comes to their shopping, according to a report. A new survey by Deloitte revealed that 50 percent of shoppers plan to shop online for their holiday gifts, spending roughly […]

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Holiday Sales Expected To Rebound, Health And Beauty Topping List

October 26, 2016


Holiday shopping sales are expected to rebound this year, with more than a 4 percent year-over-year increase. Last year’s growth of 3.6 percent will be outshined this year, which is a welcome bump for may retailers. That’s according to new […]

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Digital Design Expert: Mobile First Is Dead, Think Mobile Native

September 30, 2016


Brands are constantly playing catch-up when it comes to technology. With the advent of the internet, companies scrambled to make websites; if they didn’t, they might as well not exist. The same mad dash happened again with smartphones, and as […]