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Blockchain-powered HTC Exodus 1 starts selling at a reasonable crypto price

December 6, 2018

Via: Phone Arena

Hot on the heels of a blockchain-powered device called Finney from lesser-known manufacturer Sirin Labs, HTC is making the Exodus 1 phone available for Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Litecoin buyers. Given the volatile nature of the cryptocurrency market, you may not […]

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Why Ethereum Succeeded Where Bitcoin Failed

July 22, 2016

Via: Motherboard

Imagine that tomorrow you wake up and discover that you’ve been taken for all you’re worth by an anonymous hacker. The thief has managed to steal everything that belonged to you and a good deal of others—$56 million worth of […]

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A blockchain ‘smart contract’ could cost investors millions

June 21, 2016

Via: Networkworld Cloud Computing

Investors in a “smart contract” built on the Ethereum blockchain platform may have lost cryptocurrency worth millions of dollars because they missed a loophole in the contract’s fine print. The contract was written in Ethereum’s Solidity programming language, and the […]