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Real AirPods Pro vs fake AirPods Pro: differences, how to spot them, quality comparison

January 7, 2021

Via: Phone Arena

In the golden age of the Internet, we have a lot of good things and a low of bad things. For one, products are much more easily accessible — even in a state of global lockdowns, you can just go […]

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WhatsApp now lets you fact-check forwarded messages

August 4, 2020

Via: Mashable

If you’ve received a link offering a miracle cure for COVID-19, you should know that it’s fake. And yet, so many users just keep forwarding such messages, perhaps with good intentions, but ultimately adding to the confusion and polluting the […]

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Hackers tricked TikTok to show fake COVID-19 videos

April 14, 2020

Via: Phone Arena

The Coronavirus situation forced people around the world to stay in their homes. As a result, many social networks and chat services saw spikes in active users as people searched for a way to stay connected during the lockdown. The […]

News and Press

Facebook gave advertisers inflated video-viewing metrics for two years

September 23, 2016


Facebook has been overestimating the average time it told advertisers that users were spending watching videos on its platform for two years, possibly affecting marketer spending on Facebook ads. The metric was artificially inflated because it only counted videos as […]

News and Press

Facebook, Twitter join effort to snuff out fake news stories

September 14, 2016


Tired of being exposed to news reports you suspect have little or no factual basis? So are Twitter and Facebook. The online social networks have joined a network of more than 30 international media companies and organizations that aims to […]