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Trump’s Truth Social Still Off to a Bumpy Start: Everything You Need to Know

April 4, 2022


When former US President Donald Trump launched a new social media platform in February, the app had a buggy rollout but still topped Apple’s charts for free apps during the week of its release. Some people who downloaded the app […]

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China suggests Trump switch to Huawei after reports of iPhone tapping

October 25, 2018

Via: The Verge

Yesterday The New York Times published an explosive report claiming that Chinese spies have been eavesdropping on calls made on President Trump’s personal, unsecured iPhone. How did China respond today? By suggesting Trump switch to a Huawei phone. Hua Chunying, […]

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Apple suppliers slump after Trump tells iPhone maker to make products in US

September 10, 2018


Shares in Apple’s Asian suppliers dropped Monday after President Donald Trump tweeted that the company should move production to the US. The Cupertino, California, company makes most of its products — most notably, the iPhone — in China, but Trump […]

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Trump ‘promises’ iPhones won’t be subject to US tariffs

June 19, 2018

Via: Tech Radar

President Donald Trump has reportedly told Apple CEO Tim Cook that iPhones assembled in China will not be subject to any tariffs imposed by the US government amid heightening concerns from the technology industry that it might be a pawn […]

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Why Trump blocked Qualcomm-Broadcom: It’s all about 5G

March 14, 2018


Donald Trump just stepped into the global 5G “arms race.” The US president late Monday issued an executive order blocking a corporate merger, Broadcom’s proposed $117 billion deal to buy mobile chip giant Qualcomm, citing national security concerns. The order […]

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Trump’s crazy 5G plan actually ‘diagnoses a real problem’

January 30, 2018


No, the US government isn’t likely to get into the wireless business. But the Trump administration’s out-of-the-blue proposal to build a 5G network raises some legitimate concerns worth paying attention to. President Donald Trump’s National Security Council has discussed the […]

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Trump’s plan for rural broadband progress still unclear, but costs could reach $80B

July 5, 2017

Via: 9to5Mac

During a trip to Iowa last month, President Trump pledged that bringing broadband internet to rural areas of the U.S. would be a part of his upcoming $1 trillion infrastructure proposal. While there is positivity around Trump’s intentions, there is […]

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AT&T promises massive broadband investment if Trump gives it tax breaks

June 23, 2017

Via: Boy Genius

There’s a tired old trick for internet service providers that want a tax break to continue gouging customers. The ISP will make some vague promise of future broadband investment, in return for immediate tax breaks or approval of an industry […]

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Trump considers “extreme vetting”, which would force US arrivals to share passwords

April 5, 2017

Via: Tech Radar

After having attempted to impose a travel ban on certain predominantly-Muslim nations, US President Donald Trump is reportedly now considering extending this type of “extreme vetting” to a much wider group of visitors, including those that America counts as long-term […]