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Windows 10 vs. Windows 10 S: What’s the difference?

February 13, 2020


You may be hearing a lot of talk about Microsoft’s Windows 10 ( $90 at Walmart ) operating system lately, since the tech giant recently ended support for its predecessor Windows 7 ( $4.79 at Walmart ) and is encouraging […]

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Microsoft confirms it’s already cancelling its newest version of Windows

March 7, 2018

Via: Boy Genius

Less than one year ago, Microsoft unveiled a new version of its Windows platform called Windows 10 S. It was a curious endeavor right from the get-go. Intended as a rival for Google’s Chrome OS, which continues to gain substantial […]

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How Windows 10 S is different from the Windows 10 you know

September 21, 2017

Via: Computerworld

The sleek new Surface Laptop comes with it, and so do $300 two-in-one tablet PCs for education. But exactly what is Windows 10 S, and how is it different from other versions of Windows 10? The “S” in Windows 10 […]