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Trump’s crazy 5G plan actually ‘diagnoses a real problem’

January 30, 2018


No, the US government isn’t likely to get into the wireless business. But the Trump administration’s out-of-the-blue proposal to build a 5G network raises some legitimate concerns worth paying attention to. President Donald Trump’s National Security Council has discussed the […]

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5 Tips to Avoid Public Wi-Fi Security Dangers

June 29, 2017

Via: Wireless Xirrus Blog

Public networks in cafes, airports, train stations and in the workplace are undoubtedly convenient for all of us. Especially when we are abroad and want to avoid roaming bills or are running out of the monthly data volume, we rely […]


38 Percent Of Mobile Professionals Have Never Used A VPN

November 18, 2016

Via: Wireless Xirrus Blog

A recent iPass survey of more than 1,700 mobile professionals worldwide found that while half of respondents said their company allows them to use personal devices to access corporate data via public Wi-Fi, fully 38 percent have never used a […]