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Xiaomi Mi 10 release date, price, news and leaks

January 13, 2020

Via: Tech Radar

The Xiaomi Mi 10 is expected to land in early 2020 and this successor to the Xiaomi Mi 9 could end up being one of the most intriguing mid-range devices of the year. If 2019 was the year Xiaomi phones […]

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Xiaomi Mi 9 review: cheap speed

April 17, 2019

Via: The Verge

Xiaomi’s flagship Mi series of smartphones is usually relatively unremarkable. Unlike the notch-busting Mi Mix line, the Mi phones don’t tend to have particularly interesting designs, and Xiaomi doesn’t push the prices as far down as it can with the […]

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Xiaomi Mi 9 comes with three rear cameras and a teardrop front camera

February 20, 2019


Chinese phone maker Xiaomi’s latest flagship will stand out from the competition thanks to a few cool tricks. The phone will come with a triple rear-camera set up, for starters, and its specs already show a lot of promise. The […]