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Apple stops signing iOS 17.0.3 after iOS 17.1 rollout

November 2, 2023

Via: BGR

With iOS 17.1 now available, Apple stopped signing iOS 17.0.3. With that, you can no longer downgrade to older iOS 17 build versions – but if you are experiencing any bug or unreliability, an iOS 16 version is still available — iOS 16.7.2 — for devices that are compatible with iOS 16.

With iOS 17.1, released last month, Apple brought a few delayed features from the original iOS 17 release, such as AirDrop with Cellular Data, NameDrop for Apple Watch, and several Apple Music tweaks, including the ability to favorite songs, artists, and albums. This update also fixed some issues with Screen Time, keyboard responsiveness, and even a burn-in-like software bug.

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