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Android Pie updates are finally reaching the last US Galaxy S8, S8+, and Note 8 models

April 8, 2019

Via: Phone Arena

Some carrier variants got it earlier, some a little later, while others were kept waiting until just a few days ago. But all’s well that ends well, and after all four major carriers managed to deliver official Android 9.0 updates […]

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Samsung Galaxy S9+ costs more to build than Note 8, slightly less than iPhone X

March 19, 2018

Via: Pocket Now

High-end smartphones are getting pricier, gimmickier, faster, sharper, more technologically complex and, naturally, costlier to build. Even profit margin champion Apple spent significantly more on putting together last year’s iPhone X than all of the family’s previous generations, which explains […]

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Samsung will focus on profits starting 2018, setting moderate smartphone sales goal

January 3, 2018

Via: Pocket Now

2017 has been a phenomenal year for the world heavyweight champion of smartphone sales, but even as the Galaxy S8 and Note 8 allowed Samsung to swiftly forget about 2016’s Note 7 fiasco, the chaebol’s key profit drivers lied elsewhere. […]

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The Galaxy Note 8 is getting a new color in the US, and you’re going to want it

November 8, 2017

Via: Boy Genius

With the iPhone X launch, Razer’s new gaming phone, and the OnePlus 5T, it’s easy to forget that Samsung launched a brand-new Android flagship just three months ago. The Galaxy Note 8 isn’t long in the tooth, exactly, but it’s […]

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Samsung Galaxy Note 8 battery life test, real-life impressions and comparison vs iPhone 7+

September 7, 2017

Via: Phone Arena

We’ve been using the Samsung Galaxy Note 8, the $950 Android super-phone, for about a week now and we have a lot to share, but one thing in particular deserves special attention: the Note 8 battery life. After all, the […]

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5 things that would’ve made the Galaxy Note 8 a better phone

August 24, 2017

Via: Phone Arena

So, the Galaxy Note 8 is out and it’s as awesome as expected. Top notch hardware, super shiny design, all the software features Samsung could come up with and then some, a new telephoto lens camera with OIS, so on […]