image credit: Tomasz Kulesa / Pexels

The cheapest way to triple your iPhone’s charging speed

May 9, 2019


Many of Apple’s policies are consumer friendly — surprisingly so, at times. But Apple is still in the business of making money, and there are some things the company does that are infuriating. Not supporting microSD memory cards is at the top of the list for sure, but Apple’s refusal so far to include a fast charger in the box with iPhones that support fast charging is a close second. That’s right, you can actually more than triple the speed at which your iPhone charges with the right hardware. First, you’ll need an 18W USB-C wall adapter since that’s the iPhone’s maximum charging rate, and we recommend the $14 iClever 18W USB C Power Delivery Charger. Then you’ll need a USB-C to Lightning cable, of course, and the Anker USB C to Lightning Cable costs $4 less than the one Apple sells.

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