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Snapchat reportedly buying Bitstrips for $100 million

March 25, 2016

Via: Phone Dog

Snapchat filters are big, letting users alter their face with things like dog ears and makeup or even letting them swap faces with another person. According to a new report, Snapchat has acquired a service that offers another way to […]


Exploring Apple’s growing interest in VR content

November 26, 2015

Via: Gigaom

While it’s no surprise that the presence of virtual reality is weaving its way into many sectors of tech, we’re still left waiting to find out how it’ll unfold when it comes to Apple. Google, Samsung, Sony, and Facebook have all shared […]


Foxconn, Apple consider investment in Sharp LCD display business

September 25, 2015

Via: itCurated

Foxconn may acquire Sharp’s LCD business as the manufacturer moves into electronics. As reported by Asian publication Nikkei on Monday, manufacturer Foxconn, also known as Hon Hai, is considering the purchase of Sharp’s liquid crystal display (LCD) business. According to […]


Seagate Launches Hybrid Cloud Data Protection As It Readies Expanded Cloud Offerings

July 16, 2015

Via: itCurated

Seagate’s acquisition of Xryatex is a good example of how strategic acquisitions can be a boon for companies on multiple fronts. It’s natural to presume that Seagate would primarily leverage the Xyratex acquisition to expand into selling full systems. However, […]