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AT&T introduces new unlimited data plan

February 17, 2017

Via: Phone Arena

Following the introduction of Verizon’s new unlimited data plan last weekend, AT&T has responded by revising its unlimited data plan and opening it up to all subscribers. The new plan begins tomorrow. Those with four lines will pay $180 a […]

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Phone company reveals where unused data goes – CNET

August 22, 2016


You have a data plan. Sometimes you use your monthly allowance. Sometimes you don’t. Some phone companies roll over your unused data, at least for a month. But what happens if you have a plan that doesn’t roll over? Where […]

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T-Mobile quietly hiked the price of its Unlimited data plan

November 12, 2015

Via: Tech Radar

Just in case you missed it in the excitement of T-Mobile announcing its new video streaming feature, Binge On, the Uncarrier is also increasing the price of its unlimited data plan. Binge On, which gives you video streaming at 480p […]


Verizon to raise price of grandfathered unlimited data plans by $20

October 9, 2015

Via: Mirona Aftanache

Verizon doesn’t want to be the bad guy and completely get rid of its old unlimited data plans, so it’s pursuing a new strategy: price customers out of them. The Verge has learned that Verizon will soon raise the monthly cost […]