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Apple gives developers wider App Store price flexibility

December 6, 2022

Via: ComputerWorld

As we head toward the end of the year, Apple has responded to one of the more frequent requests its App Store developers make in the form of more flexibility when it comes to setting prices. Developers will also gain […]

iOS, Operating System

Developers can now submit apps supporting iOS 16.1, Live Activities, and Dynamic Island to the App Store

October 18, 2022

Via: 9to5Mac

iOS 16.1 will be available to the public next week, and the update comes with multiple new features and tweaks across the system, including the Live Activities API that works with Dynamic Island. Ahead of the official release, Apple is […]

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Apple now lets developers subscribe for more compute hours on Xcode Cloud

August 30, 2022

Via: 9to5Mac

Apple this year made Xcode Cloud available to all developers after more than a year in private beta. Now, after already having expanded access to the platform, Apple is letting developers sign on for more compute hours on Xcode Cloud […]

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Developers can now transfer ownership of apps that use iCloud

June 15, 2022

Via: 9to5Mac

Apple has made an important update on the Apple Developer Program. Starting today, the company lets apps that use iCloud to be transferred to another developer. Here’s how it works. According to Apple, you already could transfer an app when […]

iOS, Operating System

iOS 15.6 beta 3 now available to developers

June 14, 2022

Via: 9to5Mac

Remember iOS 15.6? Well, beta 3 is now available to developers. This update comes 14 days after Apple seeded the second beta of this upcoming operating system to all public testers. The company is also making available the third beta […]

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The seven things it takes to get an app to the top of the App Store

June 3, 2022

Via: 9to5Mac

If you’re a developer who’s ever dreamed of hitting the top of the App Store rankings, the good news is that a new analysis shows roughly how many daily downloads it takes. The bad news is that the number is […]

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watchOS 8.6 beta 4 now available to developers and public testers

May 4, 2022

Via: 9to5Mac

Update: A day after making watchOS 8.6 beta 4 available to developers, Apple is now making it available to public beta testers as well. A week after releasing watchOS 8.6 beta 3 to developers, Apple is now seeding the fourth […]

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Apple officially launches new App Store product page features for developers

December 8, 2021

Via: 9to5Mac

In a post on the Apple Developer website today, Apple announced that it is now rolling out two new features for App Store product pages. With these new tools, developers can now create and test different versions of their app’s […]

iOS, Operating System

Apple releases iOS 15.1 and iPadOS 15.1 beta 1 to developers

September 21, 2021

Via: 9to5Mac

Just one day after the release of iOS 15 to the public, Apple is launching the beta train yet again. The company is now rolling out the first developer beta of iOS 15.1 and iPadOS 15.1, and developers can update […]

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What comes next for the App Store?

September 13, 2021

Via: The Verge

On September 10th, a verdict finally arrived in Epic v. Apple, and it has left the App Store model in a precarious state. Epic wanted to do away with the system entirely, breaking Apple’s control over software distribution on iOS […]

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Apple announces big App Store changes, as it settles suit with US developers

August 27, 2021

Via: BGR

Apple on Thursday announced the proposed settlement in a 2019 lawsuit with US developers. The two parties reached a common ground, Apple explains. This means Apple will make a few significant changes to how the App Store works on iPhone […]

Android, Operating System, Others

Google is giving developers access to the mysterious operating system that might replace Android

December 9, 2020

Via: BGR

We’ve been talking about Fuchsia for a few years now, but Google confirmed the existence of this mysterious operating system only in 2019, without actually confirming any of the rumors related to it. The gist of Fuchsia is that it’ll […]

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Pebble’s software and services will continue to run through 2017

December 15, 2016

Via: Phone Dog

Following last week’s news that Fitbit is officially buying Pebble, more news on Pebble’s upcoming software plans have been revealed. Jon Barlow, Developer Advocate at Fitbit, says that Pebble’s software and services will keep running through 2017. During that time, […]

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VR headsets are coming — and success will rest on the games and experiences created by developers

July 18, 2016

Via: Bussinessinsider

Virtual reality (VR) headsets are finally hitting the mass market, offering a revolutionary and immersive platform for content developers to reach consumers. The tech industry has promoted the prospect of VR — a computer-generated simulation of an environment — for the […]

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BlackBerry OS 10.3.3 beta autoloaders now available for developers

June 1, 2016

Via: CrackBerry

Remember the good old days when BlackBerry used to release beta OS builds to developers? Well, they’re back. BlackBerry has rather quietly updated the BlackBerry Dev Alpha downloads page with beta builds of BlackBerry so developers may test their […]


iOS 9.3.2 beta 2 update now available to developers

April 21, 2016

Via: Phone Dog

iOS 9.3.2 beta testing continues today with a new update for registered developers. iOS 9.3.2 beta 2 is now making its way to devs as build 13F51a. It’s available to download from Apple’s developer center as well as an over […]

Android, App security

FTC Warns 12 Android Developers to Stop Eavesdropping on Unwitting Users

March 18, 2016

Via: Motherboard

Your apps may be eavesdropping on you, and the Federal Trade Commission wants them to stop. The US’s trade watchdog issued warning letters to 12 app developers with 15 apps in the Google Play store for spying on unwitting users, […]

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Visa Opens Up Network With Visa Developer Launch

February 5, 2016

Via: Pymnts

Visa’s global network just got a whole lot more open for the developer community. Visa announced (Feb. 4) the launch of Visa Developer, which will enable software application developers to have open access to Visa’s payments technology, products and service. […]

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Vendor Stats is a useful app for developers to track app metrics

August 31, 2015

Via: DJ Reyes

This isn’t an app that will be for the masses but it’s a great app nonetheless. This is an app created by a developer for developers. It just made its way to BlackBerry World in the past 24 hours and […]


Cloud disrupts the development-operations divide

July 10, 2015

Via: itCurated

A popular term that popped up in the age of lightweight, NoSQL databases was “accidental DBAs,” in which developers took charge of running the databases underneath their applications. Now, cloud may be turning developers into ops people as well. In […]