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A New Business Experience with iOS 14

July 16, 2020


Coming out this fall, iOS 14 incorporates new features that will make your life easier than ever. With an emphasis on intelligence, your experience will be more personal and private.

That sounds promising, but what are the exact functionalities that will help you in your work? Explore the following list to find out how you will benefit from a new business experience, due to the:

Ease of Access

Redesigned Widgets on the Home Screen

In the past, you might have wasted precious moments swiping through the infinite sea of widgets to find the one you need, but the future sounds less time-consuming. With the new update, widgets have been redesigned to offer you access to more information at a simple glance. By adding a Smart Stack (an intelligently curated collection based on your most-used apps), the right widget will appear automatically at the right time in your day. 

The New App Library

To increase efficiency and speed, the app library will be intelligently organized. Your most-used apps will be sorted by category—always one tap away. 

Compact Calls & Picture-in-Picture

From now on, the calls you receive on your iPhone won’t take usage of the whole screen. The new compact design will allow you to finish your on-going task, while not missing out on calls. The same goes for the new picture-in-picture function, which will enable you to continue your FaceTime call while skimming documents or checking your calendar. 

Increased Security & Privacy

Due to privacy concerns, the new update will give you more control over data. You’ll also benefit from transparency—knowing exactly how the information is used. You’ll soon be aware of the privacy practices of every app before you download it. 

Enhanced Communication 

Translation App

Business traveling might be one of your main responsibilities—entailing both rich, cultural experiences and troublesome moments. Depending on your destination, you might sometimes find that the language barrier limits communication.

Apple believes that conversations across languages should feel natural and easy while remaining private. That’s the reason why you’ll soon have access to Translate—an app designed for conversations across 11 different languages.

Translate comes with two options: conversation mode and on-device mode. The former makes live conversations natural and enjoyable for both parties, while the latter lets you enjoy a fully online experience when being offline. This feature will most certainly ease the process of talking with foreign partners. 

Enhanced Siri

Even Siri has suffered modifications in the new update—for good reasons. Similar to receiving calls, Siri won’t be taking the whole screen once you ask a question. It will prove to be even more helpful as its new abilities will allow you to record and send audio messages. 


Since keeping in touch is becoming more important than ever, messages have been revamped. The new design brings clarity to the way you interact with your partners. You’ll gain the ability to pin up to nine of your most important discussions to the top of your conversation list. That way, you’ll be able to easily access them anytime you want.


While group chats are mandatory, you’ll sometimes realize you won’t have to intervene much. If other projects require your immediate attention, you’ll have the possibility to focus on them, instead. Thanks to the new Mentions feature, you will only receive notifications from a group chat the moment you are named. As a result, you won’t miss out on important messages, and your time won’t be wasted either. 

Effortless Journey


iOS 14 brings a new way to unlock your car through CarKey—technology that allows you to unlock, lock, and start your car with an iPhone or an Apple Watch. You’ll also be able to share keys with other iOS users via iMessage. All you have to do is create a driver profile that limits the time your partners and family have access to the key.


The first new addition to Maps will be cycling directions. They will inform you how busy a street is and if there are any stairs on the route.

Another helpful feature for when you’re driving is the electric vehicle routing feature. It will show charging stops based on your charger type.

Lastly, Guides will provide a list of interesting places to visit in a city. You’ll always be up to date regarding popular attractions or new restaurants—so you can make the best of your relaxation moments, whenever time allows it. 

With iOS 14 features offering you new phone experiences, updates to the apps you use every day, and new privacy measures, a digital door to a more convenient and safer future will open.