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How to Prepare for Black Friday and Cyber Monday 2022

November 4, 2022


There is no question that Black Friday and Cyber Monday have managed to become two of the most important shopping holidays in the world. And as the COVID-19 pandemic has disrupted the shopping habits of people in the US and abroad, both Black Friday and Cyber Monday have undergone some changes. One of the most significant may be the fact that American manufacturers, retailers and online stores have expanded their sales during the last two years, with deals now available since October. According to Esquire, 2022 could see earlier-than-ever offers leading up to the actual Black Friday weekend.

Customers should be prepared, because the best Black Friday and Cyber Monday tech deals could prove difficult to spot among the millions of discounts that will probably be available this year. Among the things shoppers should consider as they prepare are the dates on which Black Friday and Cyber Monday fall in 2022, the offers that are likely to be available, and the tech deals they should expect. However, preparing for a longer period of special deals, determining their real needs, and comparing prices before and during the two shopping holidays may prove equally important.

Preparing for a Longer Special Deals Season

According to a Survey Monkey study conducted last year, 22% of US customers said they were likely to start their holiday shopping before October, while approximately 18% said they were planning to shop that same month. Moreover, 23% of US shoppers said they had planned to do their shopping in November, but opted to shop before Black Friday and Cyber Monday. The survey results seem to confirm the announcements recently made by some retailers—great tech deals are likely to become available well in advance of the two holidays this year.

In fact, US shoppers in need of a new smartwatch and other gadgets have already discovered that Walmart has started its holiday sales with up to 65% off weekly finds since October. The Apple Watch Series 3, GPS is already available for under $150. The device features GPS, a dual-core processor, watchOS 4, and numerous other great features. 

Establishing the Real Needs and Wants

Even though there are always great deals available on Black Friday and Cyber Monday, shoppers should prepare in advance and make lists of the products they actually need or want. According to the study mentioned above, numerous US shoppers already use various sources of inspiration when buying gifts for their loved ones, and they can do the same when shopping for personal gadgets. However, more than 50% of US shoppers already have specific wishes when it comes to their gifts. In any case, it is not advisable to make impulsive purchases on Black Friday and Cyber Monday is not advisable.

Black Friday and Cyber Monday 2021 may serve as great sources of inspiration during these times. According to USA Today, Apple AirPods Pro were the most popular Black Friday and Cyber Monday purchase among the website’s readers last year—a sign that most shoppers chose to spend their money on their real needs and wants. 

Accurately Comparing Prices Is Important

According to DealNews, one of the most important things that US shoppers should consider before making a purchase decision is comparing prices before and during Black Friday and Cyber Monday. Considering the fact that numerous retailers have offered early Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals in recent years, customers may be surprised to find that the best offers are available well before Black Friday. Moreover, by shopping in advance, you can avoid website crashes and congestion in brick-and-mortar stores, while taking advantage of the best deals available this year.

When it comes to tech deals, retailers like Best Buy, Amazon and Walmart have already announced great pre-Black Friday offers. According to CBS News, Apple products, robot vacuums, and numerous electronic devices are already available at a discount, as are devices from Samsung, Theragun and iRobot. 

Preparing for Black Friday and Cyber Monday 2022

After more than two years of dealing with a global pandemic and economic issues like rising inflation, it’s understandable that most Americans are hoping to enjoy this holiday season. However, hunting for the best tech deals and choosing the perfect gifts may be a lot easier for shoppers who prepare in advance.