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The EU Data Act is a lot bigger than iCloud

June 30, 2023

Via: Computerworld

If you use a data processing service provider of any kind, you may be happy to hear about the Data Act coming out of the EU. It requires service providers to make it easier to move your business data between […]

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The EU Data Act is a lot bigger than iCloud

June 29, 2023

Via: Computerworld

If you use a data processing service provider of any kind, you may be happy to hear about the Data Act coming out of the EU. It requires service providers to make it easier to move your business data between […]


7 App Development Trends for 2023 and Beyond

February 15, 2023

Via: Natalie Dunn

There is no question that the last couple of years have been particularly difficult for numerous businesses around the world. Not only has the COVID-19 pandemic changed the lives of people everywhere, but this healthcare crisis has also impacted the […]

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June 15: It’s the end of the Internet Explorer era

June 13, 2022

Via: ZDnet

It’s finally happening. Microsoft will be ending support for most versions of its Internet Explorer (IE) 11 browser on June 15. Microsoft announced more than a year ago that IE would be removed from most versions of Windows 10 this […]

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Microsoft readies its latest ‘industrial metaverse’ pitch

May 10, 2022

Via: ZDNet

Earlier this year, Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella said Microsoft doesn’t think there ever will be a single, centralized metaverse. Instead, he said Microsoft believes there will be many metaverse platforms. And although its Teams for Mesh platform makes for fun […]

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HUAWEI overtakes Samsung in global smartphone shipments in Q2 2020

July 30, 2020

Via: Pocket Now

HUAWEI was the leading smartphone brand in Q2 2020, according to Canalys. The company overtook Samsung Electronics in global smartphone shipments in the second quarter. It shipped 55.8 million devices from April to June, down 5 percent from a year […]

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CES 2020: ASUS expands business and gaming laptop lineup, explores AI IoT market

January 7, 2020

Via: ZDnet

ASUS has showcased a variety of new business and gaming hardware at CES 2020, together with an interesting pivot to AI Internet of Things (AIoT) applications. In Las Vegas this year, the Taiwanese tech giant revealed a range of notebooks, […]

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Many VPN providers will disappear as the market matures

September 24, 2018

Via: Tech Radar

Today the number of VPNs grows extensively, but most of them don’t have any unique feature. In the nearest future, the number of unspecific services will go down as the biggest players on the market will be able to lower […]

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Data: Lifeblood of the Internet of Things

May 24, 2017

Via: InformationWeek

As computing power becomes increasingly distributed into the devices and infrastructure around us, the data generated by those devices will invariably play a larger role in our businesses and everyday lives. Between my role at Seagate in Cupertino and the […]

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Cisco’s first big developers conference to zero in on IoT, cloud

April 11, 2017

Via: Networkworld Cloud Computing

Cisco initially scheduled its inaugural DevNet Create developers’ conference in San Francisco for what turned out to be the same week in May as Google’s wildly popular I/O event in Mountain View (that coy old Google didn’t reveal its show dates […]

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Will IoT finally meet expectations in 2017?

March 9, 2017

Via: James Hughes

The year 2017 holds a lot of expectations, technology-wise. A lot of devices and software programs have already been demoed and prototype-d. Researchers have warned about the potential risks. Some of them even manifested themselves – remember the Dyn DDoS […]

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Report: A developer’s checklist for deploying the internet of things

January 30, 2017

Via: Gigaom

The “things” in the “internet of things” (IoT) encompass a wide range of devices: sensors and sensor arrays like the Nest and SmartThings, wearables like the Pebble smart watch and Google Glass, and embedded technologies like Tesla and Ford’s Smart […]


5 WiFi Networking Predictions For 2017

December 28, 2016

Via: Wireless Xirrus Blog

IoT security, cloud-managed WiFi, and other trends will reshape the WiFi market next year. WiFi has undergone some of the fastest changes of any business and consumer technology we’ve seen. 2017 will bring plenty of new milestones and developments in light […]

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The Unblinking Eye: Employee Monitoring in the IoT Era

December 23, 2016

Via: InformationWeek

Monitoring machines in the Internet of Things can provide valuable data, but there could be privacy issues when employees are using those machines. The privacy concerns raised by the Internet of Things (IoT) have focused mostly on the consumer, whose […]


Predicting the end of cloud computing

December 23, 2016

Via: Networkworld Cloud Computing

Here’s a prediction you don’t hear very often: The cloud computing market, as we know it, will be obsolete in a matter of years. The provocateur is Peter Levine, a general partner at venture capital firm Andreessen Horowitz. He believes […]


Mist Systems Makes Wireless For Smart Device Era

December 15, 2016

Via: Pymnts

Silicon Valley tech startup Mist Systems is pioneering smart wireless networking for the smart device era. Since its founding in 2014, Mist Systems has worked to bring its Mist Intelligent Wireless Cloud and Enterprise-Grade Access Points to corporations across multiple […]


Android Things is Google’s official IoT OS

December 14, 2016

Via: Phone Arena

The Internet of Things is still booming and everyone wants in on it. We’ve already seen Microsoft trying to get Windows 10 and Cortana into everything IoT, but Google wants to remind everyone that it has a hand in the […]


Smart Cities Can Get More Out Of IoT, Gartner Finds

November 10, 2016

Via: InformationWeek

At the Gartner Symposium/ITxpo in Barcelona, the firm’s analysts propose that smart cities start looking beyond what IoT is currently being used for — mainly transportation and congestion issues — and begin thinking about a whole new realm of possibilities […]

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We Need to Save the Internet from the Internet of Things

October 7, 2016

Via: Motherboard

Brian Krebs is a popular reporter on the cyber-security beat. He regularly exposes cyber-criminals and their tactics, and consequently is regularly a target of their ire. Last month, he wrote about an online attack-for-hire service that resulted in the arrest […]

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IBM’s IoT blockchain service gets ready to set sail

October 4, 2016

Via: Networkworld Cloud Computing

A massive DDOS attack and weaknesses in critical systems have put security concerns front and center in the internet of things. IBM thinks a technology best known from the world of bitcoin could lock down at least one use of […]